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Advantages entering Bee2share

Being present on a global platform for connection of the industrial market.

Position yourself in the current market, enabling interactions with the market and new business for your company.

Participate in the new business model through shared economy, generating value for your business on a sustainable model.

Enhance your performance in the market without the need for large investments.

Commercial presence 24h / day, 7 days a week in the local and global market, increasing the geographic presence of your company.

Time optimization for solutions

Understand how Bee2Share works

1. Connect

To connect your business to the Bee2Share digital business platform is simple, you simply fill in the form with the data of your company and the system mounts a corporate profile page

2. Explore the network

From there your company is already part of the Bee2Share platform where companies and other users can connect with you to generate new business and partnerships

3. Share this

In the same registration you can place your machines / services and enable those available to the market, and once you have a search for your machine / service you will be notified through our system that will put you in touch with another company. Simple and unbureaucratic. Negotiation is confidential between the parties, Bee2Share only facilitates the connection within the global industry market